What Motivates Terrorists

What Motivates Terrorists

Dec 04

Terrorism, which continues to serve as a global threat, is defined as a special type of calculated violence for the purpose of spreading fear or avenging a terrible wrong or injustice, be it just imagined or real. Terrorist operatives would claim, though, that their activities are intended to uphold their ideology, religious and political beliefs.

This last claim, however, was all but consistent with the results of a study (conducted between 1991 and 1993) that involved 516 Guantánamo detainees and five Al Qaeda leaders. There was no one answer, even among the five leaders, which included Osama bin Laden himself as to the purpose of their movements. And those who made reference to religious ideology were discovered to be ignorant of Islamic teachings. Only one thing was clear amidst the differences – being a part of the group was what mattered: a clear indication of recognition over purpose.

It is was also obvious that many terrorist recruits just wanted to satisfy their other needs, which included physical, social and, like some assassins, financial.

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