Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk Driving Accidents

Jan 05

Being a responsible driver requires close attention to the road and the other drivers around you. The effects of alcohol makes this impossible, making drunk driving one of the most dangerous forms of reckless driving. Drunk driving is defined as operating a vehicle with an blood alcohol content level of 0.08% of higher. According to the internet site of the Hankey Law Office, about 32% of vehicle related fatalities was due to drunk driving.

Drunk driving impairs a number of important functions necessary to drive a car. Alcohol can impair your vision, decision making skills, and reaction time. As such, the likelihood of a drunk driver causing a wreck is significantly higher than a sober driver. The roadways are already dangerous due to high speeds and heavy machinery, so a driver that is incoherent in any way significantly adds to the treacherous nature of driving.

In the U.S., drunk driving is a serious offense that is fully persecuted by the courts. Many car crash injury lawyers focus a lot of their practices on pursuing claims against drunk drivers. The act can have many names which include driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated or impaired (DWI), or operating while intoxicated or impaired (OWI). While these offenses can be determined using a breathalyzer or blood sample, an officer can also use his or her own observation and judgement to determine an individual’s capacity to safely operate a vehicle. This may include asking a driver suspected of drunk driving to perform a sobriety test outside of the vehicle to test motor skills and the presence of slurred speech.

Unfortunately, drunk drivers often fail to understand that there are victims other than themselves that are affected by their actions. You may be eligible for compensation for the physical and emotional injuries you suffered.

Challenges of Suing the Government

Challenges of Suing the Government

Sep 03

It can be very difficult to determine who can be liable for damages following a car accident when the cause of the accident was poor road conditions. Because the person at-fault of the accident can be a government agency, there are certain considerations that should be looked into before filing a personal injury claim. According to the website of the Seegmiller Law Firm, verifying the right agency plays a vital role in not only determining who is to be sued in the injury claim, but also to see whether the agency can be legally sued.

Generally, majority of government agencies fall under the “governmental immunity” or “sovereign immunity”, which means they can have immunity against lawsuits and they cannot be sued. However, most of these government agencies give exemptions and acknowledge any lawsuits that are filed against them through particular circumstances. It is important for the injured party (plaintiff) to prove that the negligence of the government agency in charge of the maintenance of the road was the main cause of the accident (or that they were very negligent in their action/inaction). Another exception is when a municipality has insurance that covers these types of lawsuits.

Although the precise circumstances for which a victim or a car accident can sue vary from state to state, the rules that are generally set by the state to each smaller agency within their jurisdiction usually do not differ. Statute of limitations is also something that should be minded, since this gives the plaintiff a limited amount of time to file case. If the plaintiff fails to file the case before the allotted deadline, the court has the right to dismiss the case. Before actually starting the lawsuit, the plaintiff has to inform the government agency of their intention to sue and explain the reason behind the lawsuit. If the plaintiff fails to do this before the designated statute of limitation, then the case will be dismissed by the court.

The Role of Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports

The Role of Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports

May 05

There are certain things in life that are worth the risk – such as a vacation or perhaps applying for that job you never thought you might be qualified for. But with certain permanent possibly life altering things (such as purchasing a house), it is often better to be safe than sorry.

A house can look absolutely perfect at first. It can even look like your dream house. But have you ever met someone who looked absolutely gorgeous only to find out later on that they’re about as dull as a brick or, perhaps, quite rotten on the inside? There is the definite possibility of there being demons that lurk in that seemingly perfect house and just as with any permanent commitment – you’ll want to see the fine print of what you’re signing on to before saying the proverbial “I do” with a house.

One of these necessary fine prints comes in the form of natural hazard disclosure reports or NHD reports. These are legally required documents from sellers in some states – though come from an external source (and if the source is affiliated with the seller, then the buyer needs to be made aware of this partnership – in case there might be a conflict of interest) and can often range in price from $50 to around $250, depending on the kind of coverage that you might wish to know about the home you wish to purchase. In retrospect, this amount of money for reliable documentation can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs or possible decontamination.

Some natural hazards that you must be made aware of are things like: is the house situated in a place that is frequently visited by fires or earthquakes or floods? If so, can the house structurally sound enough to withstand such profound damage? Not only that but there may also be secret toxins that lurk within the house that the buyer needs to know about. After all, there is every possibility that the walls have secrets that could very well endanger the lives of the occupants of those who are exposed to it without their knowledge.

Which price would you rather pay?

Efficiently Using Your Storage Space

Efficiently Using Your Storage Space

Mar 09

Storing your belongings in a self-storage facility has become a common practice in the United States, where storage facilities have boomed into a multi-billion dollar industry. If you have accumulated a lot of things and plan to put them into a storage unit, it is important to make sure you use the space to its utmost capacity. After you have chosen which one you will be renting, you need to make the most out of your money. Here are some tips on how you can you just that:

  1. Make sure you make and inventory of the items you are going to store, and to which box they are being put into. This will save you time when you are going to need those items again in the future, and to avoid going through the whole pile just to get some items. Also, it helps to label the boxes to make sure you know what is inside them. Label all sides so you don’t need to rotate them after they’re moved. Doing an inventory and labeling the boxes will be greatly help in dealing with your insurance agent.
  2. Make sure to maximize the storage space you rented. See if you can stack your items, and determine ways to save store space. To avoid items toppling over, make sure to put the heavier and sturdier at the bottom and stacking the lighter ones at the top. Make sure you pack the boxes tightly to avoid spilling them over, and check the stability of the stacked items to prevent them from falling over and being damaged.
  3. Give yourself some space to move around in case you need to get something in the storage unit. You might need to come back and get some items from time to time, and to make it easier to move about. Having an aisle makes items more accessible and can save you time when you are planning to get some item.

Visit the website to learn more about different types of storage spaces, services, and policies that can differ from company to company and even from state to state. Also, make sure that the storage unit is clean and at its best condition before putting your belongings inside to avoid damaging your items. Lastly, make sure you understand the policies of the storage company that you are going to do business with, otherwise you might end up losing your stored items due to missed or late payments.

Dangers Facing Passengers in Each Port of Call

Dangers Facing Passengers in Each Port of Call

Sep 13

More than 20 million travelers (from around the world) get to enjoy the most relaxing and exciting experiences on board cruise ships every year. One cannot deny the fact that cruise ships are definitely floating cities that provide truly incredible features and amenities that can best some of the famous destinations around the world.

Since the 1980s the cruising industry has raised the standard in the cruising business, building bigger cruise ships (with passenger capacities ranging from 3000+ to 6000+) and equipping ships with everything that should make every voyage safe and perfectly enjoyable. Thus, besides the adequately equipped clinics for safety and emergency concerns, for the “fun” side of the travel, there are pool and ping pong tables, mine golf courses, basketball courts, gyms, spas, beauty salons, bars, night clubs, casinos, indoor and outdoor pools, rock-climbing walls, bumper cars, skating rinks, zip lines, jogging tracks, waterslides, a planetarium, aqua parks, cinemas, and (seriously) an endless list of others.

Not limiting the excitement onboard, cruise lines have also started introducing shore excursion (in almost every port of call), wherein passengers can enjoy: inland dining; shopping; cultural, archeological, city/ sightseeing, and wildlife and wilderness tours; parasailing; jet skiing; scuba diving; snorkeling; horseback riding; rainforest hiking; and many, many others.

But while the supply of exciting activities continues and with the very big increase in the number of travelers, concerns about the real safety of passengers still remain to be a major concern, especially for the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

This safety issue also (and most especially) includes passenger safety during shore excursions and other on shore activities, which have, likewise, become sources of injuries to many passengers. Upon arrival at a particular port of call, the possible dangers that face passengers (and crew) are dock accidents, tender accidents, motor vehicle accidents, defective/malfunctioning equipment, and, inadequate security.

Due to complexity of the maritime law, it is necessary that injured passengers understand their legal options and be represented by lawyers highly competent and knowledgeable in the laws governing sea travel. The Vucci Law Group’s website, at http://www.thevuccilawgroup.com/practice-areas/cruise-ship-excursions/, will be able to provide victims with the information they need to get their case going.

Running with Your Dog

Running with Your Dog

Dec 12

An energetic dog can be a great motivation to have when you want to go running. Running with your dog not only keeps you in proper shape, but your dog can also get the health benefits. However, since dogs can’t complain, quit, and can’t really communicate with you properly you may have to know more about your dog before taking them to run.

First, it should be important to talk with your veterinarian before going off to run. Nagging health issues such as those from the heart, lungs, and joints could be dangerous to your dog, therefore taking them to the vet and having him certified as healthy and fit for running is vital. Also, it helps to know the age of your dog: too young could alter the dog’s bone development, while too old (or too big) can cause fractures and other health complications.

Knowing your dog’s breed can affect your running exercise as well. There are certain dog breeds that can go for long-distance running, while smaller breeds can’t. Also, make sure that you don’t shock your dog with a sudden long-distance run. Dog’s paws are quite sensitive and could become irritated if the animal is made to run long distances without having its paws toughened up for the job. Likewise, be aware of the type of roads you are running on: since dogs don’t wear shoes like you do, their paws can become injured while running. Make sure to check the condition of your dog’s paws before and after running, and clean them to make sure they are free from salt or dirt (particularly in between toes).

When running with your dog, make sure to check your dog’s condition: heavy panting, foaming at the mouth, and slowing down could mean your pet is tired and needs a rest. Make sure you and your pet get enough breaks during a run. Most importantly, bring enough water for two to keep you and your dog well hydrated. Stop your dog from drinking from puddles as these may contain toxins and contaminants that could lead to a sick dog.

Even during running, it is still recommended to have your dog on a leash. This is to keep you and your dog under control (he can run next to you) and stop your pet from running off when he sees something of his interest. Choose a 3-6 foot leash rather than a retractable one to avoid giving your pet too much distance from you or from being tangled with him.

What Motivates Terrorists

What Motivates Terrorists

Dec 04

Terrorism, which continues to serve as a global threat, is defined as a special type of calculated violence for the purpose of spreading fear or avenging a terrible wrong or injustice, be it just imagined or real. Terrorist operatives would claim, though, that their activities are intended to uphold their ideology, religious and political beliefs.

This last claim, however, was all but consistent with the results of a study (conducted between 1991 and 1993) that involved 516 Guantánamo detainees and five Al Qaeda leaders. There was no one answer, even among the five leaders, which included Osama bin Laden himself as to the purpose of their movements. And those who made reference to religious ideology were discovered to be ignorant of Islamic teachings. Only one thing was clear amidst the differences – being a part of the group was what mattered: a clear indication of recognition over purpose.

It is was also obvious that many terrorist recruits just wanted to satisfy their other needs, which included physical, social and, like some assassins, financial.

Unseen Harm: Emotional and Verbal Abuse in Divorce

Unseen Harm: Emotional and Verbal Abuse in Divorce

Nov 05

There is a popular saying which goes “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” In some circumstances this can be a great morale booster, but when hurtful or demeaning words and actions are coming from a close family member, this maxim no longer holds true.

How many sit-coms are based on dysfunctional families where the wife nags the husband, the husband wisecracks about the wife, parents scream at their children, children bad-mouth their parents or each other, and so on? People find it funny, but these are all examples of verbal and emotional abuse which in real life can do immeasurable but unseen harm when brought to extremes.

An article on the BB Law Group PLLC website, a law firm based in Woodlands, states that domestic violence in the form of emotional and physical abuse is common in the US, and significantly traumatizes its victims. Physical harm is easy to identify and prove, but bruises and broken bones heal. Emotional and psychological harm, on the other hand, don’t always, and can affect the outlook and personality of people especially when the victims are young children. Systematic and incessant emotional and verbal abuse can turn a person into a mass of twitches and tics, foster antisocial behavior, and cultivate an environment of fear and distress.

Under Texas law, emotional and verbal abuse is grounds for a fault-based divorce, which can have consequences for child custody and visitation, child support and spousal maintenance. However, since there are no visible signs, it is tricky to prove emotional and verbal abuse in court. If you want to file for divorce where your abusive spouse will be barred from contact with you or your children, ask a divorce lawyer in your area about your legal options and how to prove emotional and verbal abuse against your spouse. An experienced lawyer would know what kind of proof will be acceptable in divorce court as a basis for an order of protection.

Getting Cheap SR-22 Quotes

Getting Cheap SR-22 Quotes

Oct 24

People who are required an SR-22 may be classified as problem drivers: their licenses are either revoked or suspended because of DWI/DUI, speeding, repeat offenses, or at-fault accidents. Having an SR-22 means you are financially capable of covering for damages or injuries that claimants may ask after an accident. It is a form of proof submitted to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), and you are required to carry it for a certain amount of time (at least three years).

Since an SR-22 is a high-risk type of insurance, it can be tough to find an insurance company that would cater to this special circumstance. Calling insurance companies and inquiring into their quotes can be a good place to start, but faster options such as online auto insurance quotes are readily available and often free. With an online assessment, you can change your coverage in order to suit your needs.

Since every case is different, it is vital to find an insurance company that can insure and cover your specific circumstance. There are high-risk cases where insurance companies refuse to take; knowing how to work with your situation is the key. Also, it would be best to get quotes from different companies and compare them with each other. Find the one that best provides for your needs at your convenience. Online SR-22 quotes often come with discounts which can completely change your coverage.

Lastly, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable and reliable insurance company, because your driver’s license depends on it. Check with your State and your court order to understand the specific SR-22 requirements you need to have, since these can vary from state to state. It can also help inform you of other things that you need to know. After choosing a good insurance company that can provide you with SR-22 bond, be prepared to pay a significant amount of down payment: SR-22 are often expensive. This price, however, is necessary to have your driver’s license reinstated after being revoked or reinstated.

The da Vinci Surgical System: Another Cause of Personal Injury

The da Vinci Surgical System: Another Cause of Personal Injury

Oct 22

Usually, when a person goes to a doctor, it is to seek treatment and remedy to an already serious ailment that has caused him/her pain and inconvenience for quite a time. A patient in any event, would always expect quality care, but more than this, the solutions to his/her health complaint.

According to the website of The Seegmiller Law Firm, it is the duty of doctors and all other health professionals to render only the best care and make accurate diagnosis of their patient’s concern. When medication cannot do the job the doctor resorts to an invasive procedure to address the issue – through surgery.

Since the year 2000, medical surgery has had a major change in the performance of surgical procedures. The introduction of the da Vinci Surgical System, a multi-armed robot, for minimally-invasive surgeries has made the procedure much less painful and more bloodless (as the incisions required only tiny holes, unlike in open or traditional surgeries which required incisions as long as four inches). The wounds or incisions it made also healed faster as these required only a few stitches.

From 2000 to the middle of 2013, millions of patients around the world have already been operated on using the da Vinci device. This Intuitive Surgical Inc.-manufactured robot has also been acclaimed by surgeons due to its capability in helping them perform surgeries with greater accuracy and precision, especially prostate removal and hysterectomies.

The fame of the da Vinci, however, is marred with reports about the device’s faulty performance. According to the website of the National Injury Law Center, some of the complained injuries caused by the device include: burns/tears to the intestines; excessive bleeding; punctured blood vessels or ureters; severe injury to the bowels and death.

Though the US Food and Drug Administration has received reports about the da Vinci’s adverse events and despite the fact that it has issued a black box warning, the most serious warning the FDA can issue, it cannot recall Intuitive’s product due to conflicting reports about its actual safety and adverse effects.